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Home Not sure what i can say about this one :)
Dancing Chicken The world famous dancing chicken!!!  If you have read the guestbook and are wondering what this chicken is they all seem to love so much: this is it.

The world famous dancing chicken

Ashavar's Legacy If you play Ashavar's Legacy, come take a look here...
If you don't play Ashavar's Legacy, you should!!!

Come take a look here

Talkers I love talkers.  What talkers are is briefly explained on this page, and you will get links to some talkers i like.

I love talkers

Pictures Well, here are some pictures of me and some of my friends.  Take a look.

Pictures of me and some friends

Add to my guestbook Well, what it says.  If you want to add something, just follow this link.  And just so there is no doubt: If you don't add to my guestbook, the wrath of Koert will be upon you!!!

The wrath of Koert will be upon you

View my guestbook After you have added your msg, you can use this link to take a look at it.  You did add something, didn't you?

You did add something, didn't you?

Links This page will in time be filled with usefull and less usefull links.  Even though there are not many links at the moment, I figured out a way to make it worthwhile: I added a link to Smiter's page!!!

I added a link to Smiter's page

Free for all links This page contains links added by visitors of my site.  If you know some cool link, go ahead and add it. 

Go ahead and add it

Contact me Well, if you want to contact me, this is the place to be.  To mail me, use the link on the left.  If you prefer icq, my uin is 97725900.

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