What?  No welcome? I read somewhere that you are not supposed to welcome people to your site, because they already know they are welcome.  Why?  If they weren't, you wouldn't have made the site.
I don't totally agree with that, I'm sure there are sites that are made for only a few specific people (I wonder if this is correct English), but as far as this site is concerned, the above statement is correct.  Hence, I will not welcome you to my site.
Hence, I will not welcome you to my site

Lay-out I made this site in the first place to learn some basic html, and to play round with it.  As time goes by, I learn a bit more, and want to play a bit more.
I thought the previous version of site was rather boring (plain black background), so I decided to redo it.  And this is the result.  New background, new images.  That's the good side of it.  The down side is that the dancing chicken had to go.  But people seemed to like that chicken so much, I know I like it, so I didn't want to banish it from the site completely.  Therefore, I made a page, specially for the dancing chicken.  (And i even made a link to it)
As for the other stuff, I tried to keep it simple (I want people using a non-graphical browser like Lynx to be able to view my site easily) and nice to look at.  Let me know if I succeeded.
The dancing chicken had to go

What will you find? There are only two interesting things here:  the page about Ashavar's Legacy and the links to other pages.  Speaking of links, feel free to add to the FFA page.  If you have any suggestions on what i might put up, just let me know, send me mail, put it in my guestbook,... Feel free to add to the FFA page

Navigation I decided not to use frames, because that would make it harder to hop around on my site using a text based browser.  But I'm rather lazy, so I didn't want to put a navigation bar on every page.  So instead I made a site-map and just put a link to that on every page.  If you want to go from one page to another, just go back to the site-map and then choose your destination.  Apart from that, you'll find hyperlinks in the text. Go back to the site-map and choose your destination

News Important news: Hanneke visited my site

Other news? I deleted some of the publicity on the ffalinks page.

Hanneke visited my site

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