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Congratulations! Your site is great and I´ll be back soon! Greetings from Nackte Stars
Nackte Stars <>
Greets & Best Wishes!
analsex <>
Your website is very nice! I like it! Lisa
Lesben <>
Your site is great! Greetings from Vienna
SMS-Sprueche <>
Austria -
Hey wheres my damn pic tomm
paul <>
pueblo, co usa -
For the valiant aid on my story :p At any rate, don't want the Wrath Of Koert upon me o_Ô *shudders* It MUST be spooky... P's out!
Jorre <>
Boechout, / Belgium - information, keep up the wonderful website!!
Sarah <>
Plano, TX USA -
A very informative site. Keep up the good work.
book reports
Nice website, Koert! I enjoyed the dancing chicken and the bag of M&M's picture.
Chrissy AKA Firegoddess <>
Portsmouth, RI 02871 -
hey. cool little page... you should add html to those maps and make them clickable by the trails that go off the map.
Tsizer <>
Hi! Cool site =)
Cornflake <>
Minneapolis, MN USA -
hélaba koert! 't is hier hanneke van 't plein die zich aan het doodvervelen is. bangelijke kiek, man, die MOET terug komen echt waar. ni veel nieuws te vertellen. cu op het plein hanneke
olijfje van 't plein <>
Leuven, Belgium -
hi there! nice page! greetz from vienna tom xxxmusic electronic links djs & artists links from all kind of electronic music from dj to crossover up to 'oldies' free link list! - add your hp! *** 808 state, alien s. fiend, marc almond, altern8, astralasia, atkins, autechre, awex, banco de gaia, blank& jones, bt, casper, carl cox, cj bolland, coil, cosmic baby, current 93, daf, daft punk, dave clarke, gigi d agostino, depeche mode, dorau, dritte raum, emf, fatboy slim, floorfilla, foetus, dj food, front242, koxbox, kraftwerk, kruder&dorfmeister,........mucho more links - peace&culture!
vienna, austria -
Love is... Carrying a rope... And I've still got your soap (remember the one you gave me @ the end of that wondeful summer?). Well uhrms, it was nice seeing you again *hug hug*
Elke <>
Baarechoem, Belgium -
none so far.... except for nice going bro (he made me say that)
Mario <sure@sin.not>
more then 1 I guess, no definatly -
Love the dancing chicken... *hugs*
Carolyn <>
I followed the wormhole from Tomms page and ended up here in the land of the dancing chicken, excellent site but for a god i would have expected at least 2 dancing chickens :P. Oh well *clicks heals together 3 times* there's no place like home, I am off back into the wormhole. byyeeeeeeee
mila <>
Sydney, Australia -
Hey great site!!...the dancing chicken is so cute!:)..I hope everything is going good with you....I'll be in touch.
Wanona <>
Des Moines, Iowa USA -
Hey Koert. You got a nice thing going on here. It's really cool. I once tried to make a website but then I thought, how the hell am i gonna do that, I am not website making materal. If I made a website EVER this is what I would want it to be like it's neato. Well N-E-ways, I just really liked it lots. Duskie
Duskie <>
How come I don't have a dancing chicken? Man, I guess I better go figure out that cool cgi-bin stuff, but I'll wait until I move up in the world and get my a.) Cable and b.) Apache up and running later this month...then I'll be a force to rival Yahoo!! Well my dear friend and dutch teacher, you take care and I'll be sure to add this site on my links :-)
Smiter the quasi-god <>
Pueblo, CO United States -

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