Well, this is me

Well, this is me, don't know what else I can say.


My best online friend

May I present Smiter?  21 year old I think (I might be wrong though) plays the guitar (obviously) and is net.married to the incredible me.  I think he's my best online friend (awwwww).  


My net.wife on Camelot

Well, this is Sunshine.  She's my net.wife on Camelot.  Ofcourse she's really nice, otherwise I wouldn't have married her.  When she slaps me, it isn't meant to be kinky *pout*, but that's really the only bad thing I can think of.


Malaguena aka Keke

This is Malaguena, aka Keke.  She also plays Ashavar's Legacy (a much much higher level then me though)

4th of july mm's

Ok, so maybe not everyone would consider them real friends

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