Ashavar's Legacy

Ashavar? Ashavar's Legacy is a mud i play on.  If you want to try it, just click here to connect through telnet. 

A mud i play on

So? In this part of my site, I will put up stuff that i made (or that other ppl gave to me) that makes playing the game a bit easier.  This will be maps mostly.

Stuff that makes playing the game easier

Show me the maps!!!

Area's? Here is a list of (almost) all area's in the mud.  If you notice that an area exists in the mud, but doesn't appear in my lists here, please let me know.
  • Where are those area's?
  • What level are those area's?

A list of (almost) all area's

You have seen everything there is to see here.  You should return to the sitemap.  Now GO!!!

Now GO!!!

Koert Loret - Last updated : 03/01/2002